[95% Off Amazing Offer] Moodle Administration Tutorial: Beginner, Intermediate Guide

Administration Tutorial
Learn World Class Moodle LMS Admin, Configure, Theme, Manage Courses, Users, Permissions, Roles, Security, Plugins, Inst

What Will I Learn?
  1. Create a fully functional Moodle Learning Management System from GROUND UP
  2. Decide when to use Moodle as a solution. And when NOT to.

  3. Install Moodle TEST/DEMO server on your own Windows Machine. Very similar for Linux machines also.

  4. Apache, PHP, MySQL and Moodle tech stack installation included
  5. Customize Moodle’s blocks and Dashboards
  6. Learn WHERE to find themes, WHICH to choose as best solution, HOW to install the selected theme
  7. Build a high engagement Front Page for Moodle – using several plugins.
  8. Manage Categories Hierarchy like a PRO
  9. Create Courses – using different COURSE FORMATS. Detailed examples shown
  10. Understand Moodles RBAC – Role Based Access Control mechanism. Understand Standard Roles and Permissions
  11. User Management – Create users manually and bulk upload
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Who is the target audience?
  • Administrators seeking to explore Moodle for implementation in their Instituition
  • Administrators, Managers, Course Creators who want to build Moodle LMS
  • IT Professionals tasked with creating a scalable, open source Learning Platform
  • NOT FOR EDUCATORS – This course will not teach you to build a course within Moodle. I have a different course for that.
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