[95% Off Beautiful Offer] A Complete Apple Search Ads Course

Ads Course
Learn everything you need to know about Apple Search Ads. No prior Apple Search Ads experience needed

What you’ll learn
  1. What is Apple Search Ads
  2. User Acquisition

  3. How To Get More Installs

  4. Apple App Store
  5. how to set on a basic campaign on Apple Search Ads
  6. how to set on a advance campaign on Apple Search Ads
  7. Difference between basic and advance campaigns
  8. What Apple Search Ads look like
  9. What is Exact Match
  10. What is Broad Match
  11. What is Search Matches
  12. What is TTP (Tap Through Rate)
  13. What is CPT (Cost Per Tap)
  14. What Apple wants in Apple Search Ads
  15. How to review basic reports
  16. How to review advance reports
  17. Keywords in Apple Search Ads
  18. Negative Keywords in Apple Search Ads
  19. How market price works
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Who this course is for:
  • Student interested in user acquisition for the apple app store
  • User acquisition for mobile apps
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