[95% Off Challenging Offer] Excel at Teaching English: Be a Better ESL Teacher

Teaching English
Increase Understanding, Increase Productivity, Increase Teacher and Learner Satisfaction

What Will I Learn?
  1. to develop an understanding of what makes up the English language (the building blocks) and why an understanding is important before you commence training
  2. to have an awareness of English teaching methods

  3. to understand how accelerated learning techniques can be integrated into ESL training programs

  4. to develop an awareness of different adult learning styles and preferences, which impact on your lesson planning, choice of materials and teaching method
  5. to use the above information to plan better lessons, teach more effectively, be better able to identify and explain errors, and choose appropriate assessment tasks for your ESL students
  6. to effectively and efficiently teach the core English skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing with confidence and ease
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Who is the target audience?
  • You are an ESL instructor (recently or not yet qualified) looking for an overview of English which can easily be translated into the learning environment.
  • You want a course which is interactive, innovative, educative and above all – enjoyable
  • You want access to original resources, permissible for you to download, refer to, and use in the classroom
  • Unless you want a refresher, this course is probably not appropriate if you’re an experienced ESL trainer

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