[95% Off Cool Offer] Crucial Concepts in Dog Behavior & Training

Dog Behavior & Training
Learn cutting edge and common sense concepts that make dog training incredibly easy and effective

What Will I Learn?
  1. Train a dog to motivated and reliable when off-leash, distracted, and/or at a distance, all without the continued need for any training aid.
  2. Understand the five reward-based training techniques.

  3. Reduce and eventually eliminate reliance upon training tools like leashes, collars, halters, harnesses and especially food as a lure and reward.

  4. Motivate your dog using life rewards, interactive games and other behaviors and activities that your dog enjoys.
  5. Quantify your dogs learning and use differential reinforcement to increase speed and precision.
  6. Correct misbehavior using non-aversive punishments such as: Specific Redirection (SR), the DogCon system and Repetitive Reinstruction until Compliance & Repeat for immediate response following a single command (RRC&R).
  7. Empower secondary reinforcers (e.g. kibble) with huge amounts of value.
  8. Use Differential Classical Conditioning (DCC) to train dogs to enjoy the presence of specific stimuli without inadvertently reinforcing reactivity.
  9. Use the Jolly Routine to eliminate dog reactivity and aggression.
  10. Use the most powerful tool in dog training: your voice!
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Who is the target audience?
  • This course is ideal for anyone interested in how dogs learn and how best to train them. It is well suited for dog owners, dog trainers and other dog professionals.
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