[95% Off Cool Offer] The Real Estate Development Modeling Master Class

Real Estate Development
The Complete Guide To Building Real Estate Development Pro Forma Models From Scratch For Smarter Real Estate Investing

What you’ll learn
  1. Learn how to build dynamic, institutional-grade real estate development models from scratch
  2. Learn how to build out S-Curve construction models, equity and construction loan draw funding, and dynamic lease-up modeling for new development deals

  3. Learn how to create institutional, professionally formatted models to present development pro forma calculations to investors and partners

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Who this course is for:
  • Real estate investors and professionals who want to learn how to create dynamic, institutional-quality real estate development models from scratch
  • Aspiring real estate investment professionals who want to begin a lucrative career in real estate development
  • Single-family home and duplex investors who want to become real estate developers and have the skill set to confidently analyze return projections on ground-up development deals
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