[95% Off Excellent Offer] Blues and Advanced Guitar Lessons

Blues to Advanced Guitar Lessons – Great For Intermediate and Advanced Players

What you’ll learn
  • Bring Your Core Guitar Skills to Great New Heights with Advanced Understanding and Tools
  • Master Blues Theory, Scales, Chords, Phrasing and Improvisation

  • Fill in the “holes” of Your Current Guitar Knowledge For a More COMPLETE Guitar Mastery

  • Finally and Easily Unravel the Mysteries of Music Theory For Full Fretboard Comprehension
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Who this course is for:
  • Passionate Guitar Players with a Desire to “up” Their Guitar Game
  • Those Players Who Want to Finally Understand the MOST Essential Music Theory Principles, Allowing Limitless Possibilities on Their Fretboard
  • Intermediate and Advanced Players
  • Blues Enthusiasts
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