[95% Off Exclusive Offer] Drum Programming Masterclass, Part 1: Rhythms & Patterns

Drum Programming
Build Better Beats through drum programming patterns and style tips including hip hop drum programming and much more!

What Will I Learn?
  1. At the completion of this class, students will understand and be able to use basic beat patterns, talk about beat rhythms, and build unique and progressive beats from their own sample libraries (which they will get from this course).
  2. The 6 keys to understanding meter and pulse

  3. The 3 most important elements of the drum pattern

  4. The 5 keys to a drum groove with “feel”
  5. The most important elements to the “basic pattern”
  6. The top 5 reasons to add “swing” to your patterns
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Who is the target audience?
  • Students who are making tracks, but want a better handle on how to program drums.
  • Students are interested in electronic music and want to learn the fundamentals of drum programming.
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