[95% Off Exclusive Offer] The Fundamentals of Financial & Investing Literacy

Financial & Investing

One of the Crucial Life skills : Becoming Financially and Investing Literate for Personal Finance Understanding

What you’ll learn
  1. Bill’s Fundamentals of Financial & Investing Literacy
  2. The Two most important Formulas in the world that every person MUST know
  3. Two types of Income & Two types of Expenses
  4. The 4 Crucial Life Skills
  5. The 4 steps to Financial Freedom
  6. How to Leverage Your Income
  7. Is a Home Mortgage Good or Bad Debt?
  8. Financial Photosynthesis & Why it is Crucial to Your Success
  9. The Myth of Owning your Own Business
  10. Tactics and Strategies to decrease expenses & Increase Income
  11. Understanding Investment Models
  12. Early Retirement Strategies & more
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Who this course is for:
  • Any Adult wishing to Become Financially Free well before age 65
  • High School Students and Young Adults
  • College grads beginning their careers
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