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Education Mastery Course
Deploy a repeatable system for employee learning to ensure you reach every learner…every time.

What Will I Learn?
  1. The 4 learning styles of adults and how you can maximize learning by teaching to all of them SIMULTANEOUSLY
  2. The secret to discovering what trainees REALLY want to know about your material without them even knowing you did it

  3. An easy 5 step approach to building credibility that will get even the toughest class to believe in you, listen to you, and trust you

  4. A proven method for HOOKING your trainees that makes them think your class has been tailored to THEIR needs
  5. SPECIALIZED strategies for hooking a “hostile” class that doesn’t want to be there
  6. Fool-proof methods to avoid feeling nervous and intimidated even when you have to teach a room full of powerful people and their colleagues
  7. How to identify the “hard to understand“ concepts in your curriculum, and be SURE you teach them flawlessly every time
  8. The secret to GETTING YOUR CLASS IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND before the end of your first lesson
  9. How to create AMAZING training materials for ANY TOPIC so your trainees will CRAVE your class
  10. The top 3 forms of communication for a trainer, and how you can harness each one to become more dynamic in the classroom
  11. The 4 critical things you must do in the first 15 minutes of class to make it go smoothly the rest of the day
  12. 12 ways to become their favorite: How to build the kind of rapport that will get your trainees to do anything you ask them to
  13. The top 3 ways to show trainees you understand them and their struggles, and why it’s so important to do so
  14. A simple 5-step model that unravels the mystery of how adults learn, and how you can apply this theory to easily reach every learner you work with
  15. How to meet the needs of ALL of your trainees, even though they are completely unique from one trainee to the next
  16. An easy, effective method for KEEPING trainees engaged and participating in your class at all times
  17. The REAL keys to successfully “break the ice” in your classroom including the things you must avoid to do it well
  18. How to sidestep a learning obstacle called “Higher Brain Disconnection” and why this will immediately improve understanding and learning in your class
  19. The top 4 ways to successfully boost your enthusiasm on stressful days or for topics you find dry and boring
  20. An easy recipe for identifying what questions your class has that won’t make them feel foolish
  21. The most important body language interaction techniques and exactly how to use them to become more captivating and convincing
  22. Efficient and productive preparation techniques so you can spend less time preparing and more time looking good in front of your class
  23. Why it’s so important for your class to see you demonstrate SINCERE enthusiasm, and techniques you can use to avoid looking “fake”
  24. The top 3 ways to effectively tutor to each learning style that will make EVERY trainee wonder why you are always able to make it so easy for them to learn
  25. A simple method to get EVERYONE in the room following along simultaneously without ever getting lost
  26. How to use the “Big Picture” technique: A simple tool that demonstrates to trainees why current subject matter is so important because of how it fits in with what is to come
  27. The best way to use a written review to improve the recall ability of your trainees
  28. Why students MUST write things down to maximize learning, and an easy technique to make sure ALL of them are doing it
  29. How to be SURE your trainees feel comfortable by addressing the #1 fear of adult learners
  30. A simple strategy to COMPEL your trainees to ask questions even if they are quiet or reluctant learners
  31. An indispensable technique called the “7/20 rule”, and how it can be used to engage trainees and keep there attention for as long as you like
  32. A foolproof strategy that actually REWARDS “fast learners” for efficiently completing an activity and still allows “slow learners” to finish and benefit as well
  33. How to execute a “leading” question capable of COMPELLING your trainees to answer and interact WITHOUT patronizing them
  34. The difference between “talk learners” and “talk hogs”, and an easy 5 step method to quickly manage constant interruptions from the “talk hogs”
  35. An easy to follow formula for creating a “Write-It-Down-Box”: One of the most effective tools to ensure ALL of your trainees are able to understand and learn in their OWN unique style
  36. The crucial components of each adult learning style, and why you absolutely MUST know them to successfully reach every learner
  37. How to ensure your curriculum is IDEAL for ALL of the objectives and learners you have in your classroom
  38. The difference between teaching TASKS and OBJECTIVES, and why knowing this is the key to keeping your trainees hooked and learning at the same time
  39. A simple technique to INSTANTLY find out if your trainees understand fundamental concepts BEFORE you move on to the next lesson
  40. The Rule The Room visual aid toolkit, so you can maximize the benefit of EVERY visual aid in your classroom including the board, your PowerPoint show, sticky notes, and handouts
  41. An easy technique to “shut-down” hecklers: Those irritating trainees that sit in the back of the room maliciously badgering you with vocal interruptions
  42. A critical tool you MUST use to ensure understanding and maximize performance in 25% of your learners called the “Step” learners
  43. The difference between CONCEPTS, CONVENTIONS, and ALGORITHMS and why teaching them accordingly will improve your trainees’ test scores
  44. Why most trainers are only able to teach others using their own learning style, and how to be sure you aren’t missing the other 75% of learners in your classroom
  45. Clever tricks to buy yourself some time when you need an opportunity to think about how to answer a question
  46. 11 ways to make your lectures CAPTIVATING so they can’t wait to hear what you have to say next
  47. How to take advantage of working the “sweet spot” – that place in the room that makes you look confident and engaging every time
  48. Why some trainees NEED to “discover the concepts themselves” and how you can make that happen for even the most challenging topics
  49. The #1 reason trainees dread group work, and an EASY method to turn the table and get them to enjoy it
  50. A revolutionary teaching strategy called “Structured Synthesis” that walks trainees through new functionality and concepts in a way that quickly enables them to perform any task on their own
  51. Three surprising reasons why some trainees try to make your life miserable by PURPOSELY causing disruptions, and how to uncover their motivation so you can regain control
  52. How to take advantage of involving the experts in your class and why doing so is such a powerful tool
  53. An easy method to avoid hearing constant nonsense from the “know-it-alls” in your class and how these people are different from the experts
  54. Four strategies to get the “quiet types” involved that will stop their unresponsiveness, and help you better assess how they (and you) are doing
  55. How adults learn differently than children and the reason why that difference will change your entire approach to teaching and training
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Who is the target audience?
  • Training Professionals & Teachers: Grow in your career, and make training fun with engaging learning techniques that guide people through a learning process that sticks.
  • Team Leads & Project Managers: There’s nothing harder than managing a team that can’t apply what they’ve learned back on the job. So let us fix that for you.
  • Directors & VP’s: Give your managers and employees the training they need, so you can stay focused on strategy and execution, not on costly errors or injuries.
  • Instructional Designers: Infuse your lessons with fun and excitement to fully engage your audience and maximize learning with meaningful metrics along the way.
  • Founders and CEO’s: Running a business is hard enough without also having to worry about training, so let us worry about it, instead, saving the company tons of time and money.
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