[95% Off Fantastic Offer] Create Video Tutorials in Screenflow 6 (Screenflow 7 Update)

Create Video Tutorials
Learn to find a topic, design great slides, communicate clearly and produce super engaging video tutorials in Screenflow

What Will I Learn?
  1. Open a project in Screenflow, familiarize yourself with the user interface, record a screencast from your computer, your smartphone or tablet, import external media like images and music and learn how to manage them in your timeline.
  2. Add video actions to your elements to move them around the screen, add text and annotations like arrows and boxes, change the way your mouse looks and show your keystrokes.

  3. Add callouts to focus attention on specific regions of your screencast like the area surrounding your cursor or a foreground window.

  4. Use video motions to make your element pulse, look as if gravity is pulling it or have it bounce on a spring. (new in Screenflow 6 and Screenflow 7)
  5. Add touch callouts to show your finger movements if you are screencasting on a device
  6. Add closed captions in Screenflow and convert them to a format suitable for Udemy
  7. Remove a background from the subject of a photo or video using a process called chromakeying.
  8. Setting to export your project to be viewed outside of Screenflow
  9. How to find the right topic for you to teach and research whether there is a market for it
  10. Design an overall style for your course. Working with fonts and images and how to use colors effectively to set the mood or atmosphere, or how to pick colors that go well together
  11. Tips for conveying your message, and outlining and scripting your course
  12. Make a persuasive promotional video
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Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone wanting to start their own business either as an online course creator for teaching their own skills on Udemy or their membership website.
  • Not for anyone wanting to learn about setting up expensive equipment and make talking heads videos in a studio
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