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Basic Principles Of Chemistry
A comprehensive course in basic fundamental concepts of Chemistry covering everything for future exams in Chemistry.

What Will I Learn?
  1. Know exactly what is Matter, Element and Compound.
  2. Learn the scientific methods and type of Mixtures.

  3. Know the Three State of Maters and Units of Measurements.

  4. Calculate Scientific Notation and Significant Figures.
  5. Determine if the results you obtained are Accurate and Precise.
  6. Understand the Units and Dimensional Analysis.
  7. Understand the Atomic Theory and Models of the Atom.
  8. know the Law of Conservation and law of Multiple Proportions.
  9. Learn Atomic Mass, Mass Number and Isotopes.
  10. Know how elements are organized in the Periodic Table.
  11. Learn how to name the Ionic Compounds.
  12. Know how to write Chemical equations.
  13. Learn how to make a Chemical Balance.
  14. Understand The Mole Concept.
  15. Be able to do Mole calculations successfully.
  16. Learn determination of Chemical formulas.
  17. Understand the Stiochiometry.
  18. To calculate the Limiting Reactant and the Yield of the reaction.
  19. Study all the Solubility Rules
  20. Understand the Electrolyte and Non-Electrolyte solutions
  21. Know all the Types of Chemical Reactions
  22. Be able to do Calculations on Molar Concentration and Dilution Analysis
  23. Understand the Gravimetric Analysis and the Titration
  24. Understand Boyle’s Law, Charles’s Law, Gay-Lussac’s Law, Avogadro’s Law, Combined Gas Law, The Ideal Gas Law, Real Gases, Gas Density and Gas Stoichiometry.
  25. You will understand Thermochemistry the study of heat change in chemical reactions.
  26. You will be able to distinguish between Exothermic & Endothermic reactions.
  27. You will learn Enthalpy and the First Law of Thermodynamics.
  28. You will be able to calculate Heat Capacity (C) for any element.
  29. Learn how to calculate standard enthalpy of reaction (ΔH0) for any chemical reaction.
  30. You will understand the Properties of Waves.
  31. You will know how Bohr’s Model of the Atom works.
  32. Understand Schrodinger Wave Equation.
  33. Be able to find the four quantum numbers in Schrodinger Equation.
  34. You will be bale to write the Electron configuration for any element.
  35. Understand the Ground State Electron Configurations and Classification of Elements.
  36. know the Electron Configurations of Cations and Anions.
  37. You will learn The Atomic Radius, The Ionization Energy, Effective nuclear charge (Zeff) and The Electron Affinity.
  38. You will be able to understand Groups Elements Properties.
  39. You will be able to understand the difference between ionic bond and covalent bond.
  40. You will understand electronegativity and formal charge.
  41. You will be able to write Lewis structure.
  42. You will understand the VSEPR theory.
  43. You will understand the Hybridization.
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Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for High School Students, Chemists, Pharmacy student, biology student, Nursing student and Engineering student,under graduated or graduated.
  • Everyone who has a big passion with chemistry and want to discover more about it.
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