[95% Off Great Offer] Improve Your Speaking Voice to Teach Online or Podcast

Speaking Voice
Transform your voice technique to become a dynamic and engaging online instructor or podcast presenter

What Will I Learn?
  • Implement correct posture, breathing and projection techniques to improve quality and confidence;
  • Apply simple tools to calm your nerves and be at peak performance always;

  • Understand the factors that can affect your voice (that you may be doing everday)

  • Implement practical solutions for factors than can affect your voice;
  • Perform a five minute basic warm up to prepare your voice for recording.
  • Improve your accent (if you have one) so that it’s working for you and not against you;
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Who is the target audience?
  • New instructors wanting to learn the best practices to present well;
  • Instructors who are having minimal success and are looking for new ways to improve their delivery.
  • You would not need to take this course if your podcasts or courses are doing well and you feel you have no trouble with presentation and delivery.
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