[95% Off Lovely Offer] Applied Statistical Modeling for Data Analysis in R

Data Analysis
Your Complete Guide to Statistical Data Analysis and Visualization For Practical Applications in R

What Will I Learn?
  1. Analyze their own data by applying appropriate statistical techniques
  2. Interpret the results of their statistical analysis

  3. Identify which statistical techniques are best suited to their data and questions

  4. Have a strong foundation in fundamental statistical concepts
  5. Implement different statistical analysis in R and interpret the results
  6. Build intuitive data visualizations
  7. Carry out formalized hypothesis testing
  8. Implement linear modelling techniques such multiple regressions and GLMs
  9. Implement advanced regression analysis and multivariate analysis
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Who is the target audience?
  • People working in any numerate field which requires data analysis
  • Students of Environmental Science, Ecology, Biology,Conservation and Other Natural Sciences
  • People with some prior knowledge of the R interface- (a) installing packages (b) reading in csv files
  • People carrying out observational or experimental studies
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