[95% Off Lovely Offer] Google Analytics Made Easy – 2018 Success Guide

Google Analytics

Updated November 2018: We only have 1 Goal. To Learn you How to Read & Understand your website’s Google Analytics data.

What you’ll learn
  1. Understand the Key Analytics Metrics to Define Success
  2. Deeply Understand your Audience to be able to target it

  3. Analyze the channels and find the best way they cooperate to convert your visitors

  4. Analyze your Adwords Campaigns to find the best and worst ROI
  5. Analyze every Search Term to define if it spends your money or you should invest more
  6. Analyze sales and products that will guide your sales
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Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who wants to master Google Analytics
  • Small Business Owners who want to create their Adwords campaigns by their own
  • Entrepreneurs who want learn about the options they have or they want to control the results of their marketing team
  • Marketing professionals who want a step by step guide on how to create successful Google Adwords campaigns with high ROI
  • Students who want to develop a set of professional marketing skills to find a new job
  • Beginners and more advanced AdWords users who want a professional tested step by step guide to achieve great results
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