[95% Off Nice Offer] Digital Marketing on YouTube—Complete Advertising Strategy

Digital Marketing on YouTube
How to run profitable ppc advertising on YouTube with Google Ads (AdWords) — drive more sales & traffic with video ads!

What you’ll learn
  1. How to target your ideal customers on YouTube and the NUMBER ONE targeting strategy to get started with (it’s also the easiest and usually produces the best ROI)
  2. How to structure high converting video ads that keep people watching and make them TAKE ACTION (Hint: there are 4 components that you MUST get right if you want to have any chance of success)

  3. Understand proper campaign strategy and setup in Google Ads (AdWords) so you can have complete control over all aspects of your ads (targeting, budget, bid, etc)

  4. How to optimize your campaigns like the pros so you can maximize your results, get more efficient with your budget and SCALE YOUR ADS to as many potential customers as you can handle
  5. Discover a little known method for creating LASER FOCUSED LISTS OF VIDEOS that your ideal customers are currently watching so you can run your ads directly to them — it doesn’t get more targeted than this!
  6. Learn what video metrics you should be monitoring so you can efficiently move budget to your most effective campaigns and DRIVE BETTER PERFORMANCE
  7. Save time and money by avoiding common pitfalls — we’ve made all the mistakes so you don’t have to
  8. How to leverage retargeting so you can continually engage your audiences and move them down the path to conversion
  9. And much more!
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Who this course is for:
  • Anybody looking to open up new advertising channels for their company, website or business
  • Marketing professionals looking to develop in their career and add new skills
  • Business owners looking for new ways to raise awareness (or drive sales) in a cost effective way
  • Seasoned AdWords pros looking to add more tools to their tool kit
  • Anybody aspiring to reach new customers, grow a brand or drive conversions on their website
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