[95% Off Nice Offer] Machine Learning A-Z : Become Kaggle Master

Machine Learning
Master Machine Learning Algorithms Using Python From Beginner to Super Advance Level including Mathematical Insights.

What you’ll learn
  1. Master Machine Learning on Python
  2. Learn to use MatplotLib for Python Plotting

  3. Learn to use Numpy and Pandas for Data Analysis

  4. Learn to use Seaborn for Statistical Plots
  5. Learn All the Mathmatics Required to understand Machine Learning Algorithms
  6. Implement Machine Learning Algorithms along with Mathematic intutions
  7. Projects of Kaggle Level are included with Complete Solutions
  8. Learning End to End Data Science Solutions
  9. All Advanced Level Machine Learning Algorithms and Techniques like Regularisations , Boosting , Bagging and many more included
  10. Learn All Statistical concepts To Make You Ninza in Machine Learning
  11. Real World Case Studies
  12. Model Performance Metrics
  13. Deep Learning
  14. Model Selection
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Who is the target audience?
  • This course is meant for anyone who wants to become a Data Scientist
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