[95% Off Nice Offer] Stored Procedures Unpacked: Learn to Code T-SQL Stored Procs

T-SQL Stored Procs
Learn to develop, code, & implement stored procedures, transactions, & cursors, in your SQL Server database using T-SQL.

What you’ll learn
  1. Write bits of database code developers can call from other programs
  2. Setup transactions, detect errors, and automatically rollback changes

  3. Create reusable code to save time and make your queries easier to read

  4. Use cursors to access specific rows withing a result.
  5. Learn how to debug, that is troubleshoot, a stored procedure.
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Who is the target audience?
  • Beginner SQL query authors curious about combining SQL statements into transactions.
  • Developers looking to for a better way to develop and manage database code.
  • Analysts looking to create advanced data sources from SQL Server from Power BI.
  • Developers wanting to learn about database cursors.
  • Anyone who thinks that stored procedures are really scary (they aren’t!) 🙂
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