[95% Off Special Offer] Complete Google Earth Engine for Remote Sensing & GIS

Google Earth Engine
Harness the Power of Google Earth Engine for GIS Spatial Data Analysis & Remote Sensing

What Will I Learn?
  1. Students will gain access to and a thorough knowledge of the Google Earth Engine platform
  2. Carry out pre-processing and processing of satellite data in the cloud

  3. Implement some of the most common GIS techniques on satellite data

  4. Implement time series analysis of multi-temporal optical data
  5. Implement machine learning algorithms on satellite data
  6. Gain proficiency in JavaScript for satellite data processing
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Who is the target audience?
  • People who wish to harness the power of cloud computing and Google Earth Engine for processing satellite data
  • People wanting to learn about satellite imagery processing and deriving insights from these data
  • People wanting to work with long term temporal long term optical satellite images such as MODIS
  • People wanting to implement machine learning algorithms on satellite data
  • Students of forestry, environment, geography and environmental sciences
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