[95% Off Special Offer] Treatment & Prevention of Dog Aggression: Biting & Fighting

Treatment & Prevention
Learn new concepts that can significantly accelerate the training of dogs with aggression and reactivity issues.

What you’ll learn
  1. Prevent dog aggression in the first place with early puppyhood socialization and handling.
  2. Recognize early warning signs and address aggression problems before they become serious.

  3. Teach a dog to develop bite inhibition.

  4. Prevent dog reactivity with the concept of multiple subliminal bite stimuli.
  5. Treat dogs with aggression problems using Differential Classical Conditioning (DCC) to prevent the unintentional reinforcement of reactivity during classical conditioning.
  6. Set up training scenarios to accelerate classical conditioning (rather than trying to resolve problems in the course of every day life).
  7. Empower low-level primary reinforcers as the highest-level, mega-secondary reinforcers to maximize classical conditioning.
  8. Facilitate puppy play sessions so pups can develop bite inhibition towards other dogs.
  9. Immediately resolve fearfulness and bullying in puppy play sessions.
  10. Utilize Come-Sit-Watch commands to break stares and decrease tension and threatening behaviors between dogs.
  11. Objectively assess the severity of fighting and biting (Fight/Bite Ratio and Bite Scale)
  12. Assess treatment prognosis and the time required to retrain an aggressive dog.
  13. Use the Jolly Routine for classical conditioning.
  14. Organize a Growl Class for reactive (but not dangerous) dogs.
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Who this course is for:
  • This course is ideal for anyone interested in the treatment and prevention of dog aggression, both between dogs (fighting) and aggression directed towards people (fighting). It is well suited for dog owners, dog trainers and other dog professionals.
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