[95% Off Super Offer] How To Use Photoshop To Make Digital Design Paper Fast, Easy

Digital Design
Learn how to create digital design paper using Adobe Photoshop, for creative projects or art backgrounds

What you’ll learn
  1. Understand what digital design paper is
  2. Know where to find public domain images for use in creating design paper

  3. Create custom Photoshop brushes

  4. Create custom Photoshop patterns
  5. Quickly create coordinating paper for design paper pack
  6. Create gorgeous digital design paper quickly
  7. Have access to millions of public domain images for use in paper design
  8. Understand the Filters Gallery Brush Strokes (3)
  9. Use Photoshop shapes
  10. Create custom brush and pattern sets
  11. Make half-drop repeating patterns
  12. Create textures from almost any image
  13. Combine textures to create custom design paper
  14. Understand Public Domain and For Commercial Use images
  15. Create gorgeous digital design paper
  16. Create glitter textures and glitter words
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Who this course is for:
  • This course is for semi-beginners and intermediate Photoshop users.
  • People wanting to make their own digital designer paper.
  • Artists who want to create gorgeous backgrounds and textures for their art.
  • People who want to make extra money by selling digital designer paper.
  • People who have no prior knowledge of Photoshop should NOT take this course.
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