[95% Off Super Offer] Photography – Become a Better Photographer – Part I

See results today! 50 photography tips for taking amazing photos with your DSLR, Mirrorless or compact camera.

What you’ll learn
  1. To explain camera settings
  2. To demonstrate easy tips for getting sharp images

  3. To show how an understanding of light and composition is worth more to you than a whole bagful of camera accessories

  4. Raise awareness of the possibilities for taking great photos
  5. To demonstrate easy ways of taking amazing outdoor portraits
  6. To show some great ways of getting better landscape photos
  7. To provide tips on getting better flash photos indoors
  8. To show how to take better photos in specific environments (e.g snow, indoors by a window etc…)
  9. To help understand image quality, resolution and the different camera types
  10. To realise the great potential you have for becoming a great photographer
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Who this course is for:
  • Beginner amateur photographers
  • Intermediate amateur photographers
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