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[95% Off Great Offer] Become A Chemistry 1 Master – Basic Principles Of Chemistry

Basic Principles Of Chemistry

A comprehensive course in basic fundamental concepts of Chemistry covering everything for future exams in Chemistry.

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[95% Off Awesome Offer] Creative Writing Skills for Beginner Authors

Creative Writing Skills

Writer, learn to write a book/novel, novella or short story using basic creative writing skills for beginner authors

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[95% Off Exclusive Offer] The complete SOLAR ENERGY course


The only course with everything you need to know on Solar Photovoltaic Energy – SOLAR BEST SELLER

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[95% Off Beautiful Offer] Learn Social Psychology

Social Psychology

Understand How People Think, Feel, and Behave in this Complete Introduction to Social Psychology

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[95% Off Amazing Offer] Learn Algebra The Easy Way!


Algebra Review – Slope, Graphing Linear Equations, Exponents, Factoring, Solving Quadratic Equations, & Radicals

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[95% Off Wonderful Offer] Paul: A Biography


Prof. N.T. Wright guides students toward a thorough grasp of the apostle Paul’s lasting role in Christian history.

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[95% Off Super Offer] Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) Certificate


Counselling and psychology approaches, theoretical knowledge and practice for counsellors to be, work from home / online

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[95% Off Cool Offer] Master Discrete Mathematics: Sets, Math Logic, and More


Master Discrete Mathematics: Learn and master all of Discrete Math – Logic, Set Theory, Combinatorics, Proofs, and more

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[95% Off Great Offer] Complete Data Science Training with Python for Data Analysis

Data Science Training

Complete Guide to Practical Data Science with Python: Learn Statistics, Visualization, Machine Learning & More

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[95% Off Amazing Offer] Workshop in Probability and Statistics

Probability and Statistics

This workshop will teach you the fundamentals of statistics in order to give you a leg up at work or in school.

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[95% Off Lovely Offer] Chinese Made Easy L2: Understand 79% of Chinese in 10 hours

Chinese Made Easy L2

Learn 700+ characters and understand 79% of Chinese in our second level that takes your Chinese skyrocketing!

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[95% Off Great Offer] Paul and His Letter to the Romans: Part One (Romans 1-5)

Romans 1-5

A Guide to the Apostle Paul’s Masterpiece Epistle to the Romans. This Course Covers Romans Chapters One Through Five.

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[95% Off Lovely Offer] Critical Thinker Academy: Learn to Think Like a Philosopher

Critical Thinker Academy

How to improve your grades, advance in your job and expand your mind — by learning how to think for yourself!

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[95% Off Super Offer] Deep Learning Prerequisites: Logistic Regression in Python

Logistic Regression

Data science techniques for professionals and students – learn the theory behind logistic regression and code in Python

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