Top 5 Character Design Courses For Making Money Online

Character Design

Do You Want Character Design Courses For Making Money Online?

If you say yes then you are in the right place! I hope so this post will be too much helpful for you. You just need to know it properly. It will change your career in a short time.

We Know That All Character Design Courses Is Not Perfect For Us. And If You Do Not Find A Perfect Course, Then You Will Never Get Good Results From Your Target. That’s Why I’ve Found out the Best Character Design Courses.

Here I’m Sharing Best 5 Character Design Courses. You Can Select Any Course For Succeed.


1. Character Design with Affinity Designer Art Drawing Course

Designer application course learn vector character illustration drawing digital vector better than Adobe Illustrator

What you’ll learn
  1.  You will master the techniques to transform your designs on paper to vector format!
  2. To know the basic and most important tools of Affinity Designer!

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  • Affinity Designer installed on PC o MAC
  • Pencil, Paper, Pen and Hands!
  •  A lot of desire to start!


2. Blender – Create 5 low poly swords for 3D character models!

Efficient beginner’s course – Design swords FAST for game characters. 3D Model Daggers, Blades & more art for characters

What you’ll learn
  1. Navigate Blender.
  2. Create 5 3D models of swords.

  3. Put the art you make in this course into your portfolio.

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  • A computer capable of running Blender 2.78c or higher.
  • Blender is free to download. Please download and install Blender before purchasing this course.
  • We recorded on a Mac, but you can use a PC.


3. The Ultimate 2D Game Character Design & Animation Course

Learn how to design and animate a character in Photoshop that can stand up as professional work

What you’ll learn
  1. Design your own character
  2. Build your character in Photoshop

  3. Animate your character for a 2D game

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  • Some basic drawing skills
  • Photoshop or a free trial version of it
  • Tablet or mouse


4. Body Language in Character Animation

Improve your character animation with irresistible body language

What you’ll learn
  1. You will understand the different gestures fron cartoong characters and their emotions
  2. You will start developing intuition for better poses in your characters

  3. You will know how to express emotion in character animation.

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  • No previous knowledge is required


5. Character Design For Animation in Illustrator

Design Memorable Character With a Strong Personality and Learn How to Prepare them for Animation

What you’ll learn
  1. You will be able to express personality with your characters, using poses with a strong line of action
  2. And you will be able to prepare your designs to be rigged in an animation software for cut out animation

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  • You need to know how to use Adobe Illustrator


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