Top 5 Storytelling Courses For Making Money Online


Do You Want Storytelling Courses For Making Money Online?

If you say yes then you are in the right place! I hope so this post will be too much helpful for you. You just need to know it properly. It will change your career in a short time.

We Know That All Storytelling Courses Is Not Perfect For Us. And If You Do Not Find A Perfect Course, Then You Will Never Get Good Results From Your Target. That’s Why I’ve Found out the Best Storytelling Courses.

Here I’m Sharing Best 5 Storytelling Courses. You Can Select Any Course For Succeed.


1. Intro to Storytelling: Wow Your Crowd

A practical, step-by-step guide to brainstorming on, workshopping and presenting oral stories.

What you’ll learn
  1. Become a more engaging, clear and compelling communicator.
  2. Increase your charisma, using your voice, body, emotions and intelligence.

  3. Entertain and make a meaningful impact on your listeners.

  4. Learn how to brainstorm on the most story-worthy moments of your life.
  5. Discover The 2 Essential Ingredients for any good story.
  6. Include The 6 Senses in your story scenes to trigger emotional responses.
  7. Master The 5 Beats of classic story structure.
  8. Know how to answer the “So what?” question in your ending.
  9. Acquire a workshopping and performance-honing process you can apply again and again.
  10. Get tips on becoming a regular practitioner of storytelling in any community.
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  • You will use pen, paper and a device for recording audio and/or video like a smartphone.


2. Successful Storytelling for Audience Impact and Connection

Learn key strategies for maximum impact when using stories for business.

What you’ll learn
  1. Tell stories that make the most impact on their audience.
  2. Understand the parts of the story and include them all in their storytelling.

  3. Have an understanding of the voice elements that should be utilized to bring stories to life.

  4. Understand the emotional piece the audience needs as they select their stories.
  5. Select the number of stories for the best impact.
  6. Bring stories full circle to connect the entire experience for the audience.
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  • Students do not need any prior experience, just a desire to learn how to roll strong stories into their storytelling for maximum impact.


3. Business Storytelling for Results

Move people to take the action you want.

What you’ll learn
  1. Bring lifeless presentations to life.
  2. Get audiences nodding yes, instead of nodding off.

  3. Learn to grab and keep audience attention.

  4. Make whatever it is you’re selling matter to the audiences you care about.
  5. Inspire audiences to take the action you want.
  6. Create and deliver messages that are memorable, repeatable, and shareable.
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  • No previous public speaking experience required. Some familiarity with business storytelling helpful.


4. Hypnotic Metaphor Mastery: Transformational Storytelling.

Create powerful change in others through hypnotic storytelling.

What you’ll learn
  1. Design high quality hypnotic metaphors that encourage profound change in others.
  2. Effectively deliver high quality hypnotic metaphors that encourage profound change in others.

  3. Listen to a client and pick up on the relevant details need to construct an effective hypnotic metaphor.

  4. Use hypnotic storytelling to embed suggestions and ideas for change.
  5. Use hypnotic storytelling from beginner level to advanced.
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  • A basic knowledge of using a PC, Mac or mobile device.
  • A basic knowledge of Hypnosis and/or NLP is useful but not strictly required.
  • An open mind and willingness to learn.
  • A pen/pencil and paper, or a tablet, in order to complete the exercise


5. The ultimate real-life Office 365 productivity course

Transition to a digital workplace and boost Office 365 productivity through real life storytelling and best practices

What you’ll learn
  1. After this course, you will have a full understanding of how the tools in Office 365 can effectively be used in real life.
  2. You will know how to access your Office 365 digital workplace from anywhere on any device

  3. You will be able to work smarter with cloud-based documents using OneDrive and SharePoint, and understand when to use what.

  4. You will be able to master the ins and outs of Skype for Business to effectively communicate and meet online
  5. You will be able to take better control of your inbox by leveraging email management best practices and by knowing how to effectively use Outlook across devices
  6. You will know how to get better organized using digital notebooks in OneNote – saved to the cloud and accessible from anywhere
  7. You will be able to use Sway and PowerPoint effectively to tell powerful stories
  8. You will have insights into how you can enhance teamwork using modern apps like Teams and Planner
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  • This course is designed for users that have an Office 365 subscription.
  • In most lectures, the course will be based on the assumption that you have a subscription where you can use Office on a computer, the web and the mobile. But even if you have another type of license, you will still benefit from many of the apps that are available in all subscriptions.
  • Users who have Office 365 on a Windows based computer will benefit the most from this course.


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